Foundation for Healthy Communities' POLST Program Endorsed by the National POLST Paradigm

The National POLST Paradigm Task Force (NPPTF) has recently recognized New Hampshire’s POLST Program, coordinated by the Foundation for Healthy Communities, as an endorsed state POLST Program.  This national endorsement is given to only one entity per state that has met the requirements, standards and fundamental principles as indicated by the National POLST Paradigm. 

The Foundation for Healthy Communities has served as the leading resource for advance care and end of life care planning, including POLST, for patients and their families, medical providers, hospitals and health systems throughout the state since 1998.   Following the principles of the National POLST Paradigm, the Foundation received this national endorsement for their efforts in support of advance care planning and improving the quality of care for patients who are seriously ill by creating a voluntary process that identifies, documents, communicates and honors patient medical treatment wishes through shared-decision making and portable medical orders that are honored across all settings.

Endorsed programs are POLST Paradigm Programs that have become standard components of advance care planning in their location and have achieved statewide implementation.  New Hampshire’s POLST Program is led by Brian Kugel, Program Coordinator at the Foundation for Healthy Communities, and is guided by the NH Healthcare Decisions Coalition, a multi-disciplinary statewide group that continuously seeks to improve health decision making processes.

“POLST is designed to improve patient care, as well as the understanding and communication of a patient’s medical care choices when patients move among different care settings,” said Peter Ames, Executive Director of the Foundation for Healthy Communities. “Helping our providers and hospitals achieve better care transitions and reduce preventable hospital re-admissions is a key priority for us, and this endorsement is a testament to the efforts of our healthcare partners throughout the state.”

Programs endorsed by the NPPTF have addressed legal and regulatory issues associated with POLST Paradigm Forms and processes, and have developed strategies for ongoing implementation and quality assurance.

The Foundation for Healthy Communitiies offers resources for advance care planning and health care decisions for both families and health care providers - click here for more information or to download forms.


About the Foundation for Healthy Communities

Affiliated with the New Hampshire Hospital Association, the Foundation for Healthy Communities is a non-profit organization that engages in innovative partnerships to improve health and health care in New Hampshire by addressing quality of care, access to care and community prevention. 

About the National POLST Paradigm

The National POLST Paradigm improves the quality of care for patients who are seriously ill or frail by creating a voluntary system that elicits, documents and honors patient medical treatment wishes through portable medical orders. A Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Paradigm Form is completed based on conversations between patients and health care professionals about goals of care, quality of life, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options.