FHC & NHHA Release RFP for Strategic Planning Consultant

The Foundation for Healthy Communities and the New Hampshire Hospital Association are pleased to release a Request for Proposal for a consultant to facilitate the development of new strategic plans over the next year to assist both organizations in effectively meeting their missions on behalf of their partners and members they serve.
The new strategic plan will provide direction for both organizations in identifying key objectives and high impact strategies for achieving them, thereby enhancing our ability to improve health and health care delivery in New Hampshire over the next three years (2020 – 2022).  In addition, the strategic plan will be used as a supporting document for seeking future state and federal funding, including private grants, so that the Foundation for Healthy Communities can continue to expand and strengthen their work within New Hampshire’s communities.
Those interested in providing a proposal to facilitate this process should do so by the deadline for submission of proposals, which is December 14, 2018 to Peter Ames, Executive Director, Foundation for Healthy Communities.