Community Benefit Process

Community Benefits Process

The charitable activities that hospitals engage in are based on community health needs identified in their communities. Every 3 years hospitals complete a community health needs assessment by engaging patients, members of the public, and community organizations to gather their perspectives and experiences as they work to manage their health and that of their clients. The information gathered from patients and the community is combined with public health data to improve a hospital’s understanding of how they can use resources and work collectively with their community partners to improve care and support healthy living for better patient outcomes.


What is the Community Benefit Process?

Assess community health needs data to improve health outcomes
Engage community members & organizations to gather perspectives on health needs
Analyze public health input and data to identify significant community health needs
Finalize community health needs assessment & develop implementation strategy, which then serves as the community benefit plan
Implement community benefit action plan to improve community health by working with internal & external partners
Evaluate the progress of community benefit activities and modify strategies as needed to ensure priority health needs are met
Report on the progress and outcomes of the hospital's community benefit plan on an annual basis to internal & external audiences

CB Process