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This month we are pleased to feature one of our H&EP Steering Committee members. Since 2013, Kary Jencks has served as the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Citizens Alliance (NHCA), a non-partisan organization whose mission is to further social, economic, and political justice in the Granite State.  

Kary and the NHCA staff worked tirelessly to equip community members to help shape decisions, policies, and programs that impact them. 

Through promoting and facilitating civic engagement, NHCA has helped New Hampshire residents create a better quality of life for themselves. Over the past four decades NHCA has been a cornerstone for grassroots advocacy in the Granite State. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. NHCA closed its operations in Spring of 2017 leaving behind a legacy of activism and paving  the way for a new wave of advocacy in New Hampshire.

Left to Right: Claudette Williams, Susan Grosby, Brenda Lett, Jacqueline Davis, Rev. Mary Georges, and Hamisi JumaOn May 12th, the YWCA New Hampshire hosted their 8th annual Empowerment Breakfast. Brenda Lett was recognized for Exceptional Accomplishments in Empowering through Equity and Leadership: For your innovative work through equity and leadership with people of color which ultimately empowers communities and builds capacity for stronger futures and generations of leaders in New Hampshire.   

Also recognized at the event were Mayor Ted Gatsas, for Empowering Community, and Ms. Cassandra Levesque, for Empowering Women & Youth.  

During the 2017 New Hampshire State Legislative Session, the New Hampshire Reproductive Rights Initiative and long-time reproductive rights allies – ACLU-NH, Equality Health Center, Joan G. Lovering Health Center, and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England – worked to oppose legislation designed to infringe upon the rights of pregnant women. 

This legislation, SB 66, would recognize a fetus as an independent victim of a crime for the first time under New Hampshire law, and runs counter to longstanding legal precedent. In states where similar legislation has been passed, women have been targeted with arrest, involuntary medical procedures, prosecution, and other deprivations of their liberty for their behavior during pregnancy.

Community Health Worker (CHW) attendees at the 3rd NH CHW SummitCommunity Health Workers (CHWs) and stakeholders joined together on April 19th at the 3rd NH CHW Summit “Community Health Workers: Catalysts to Achieving Population Health” held at the Common Man Inn in Plymouth NH. Hosted by the NH CHW Coalition and the Northern and Southern NH Area Health Education Centers (AHECs), the Summit provided an opportunity for information sharing and networking. 

Guest speakers were informative and very well received: Durrell Fox shared information on regional and national CHW messaging initiatives, Vanessa McClinchy facilitated exercises exploring leadership, and Arlene Ash shared strategies to promote equity by measuring social determinants of health and reflecting such scores in the assessment of social risk of patients.  One participant shared that the Summit provided motivation to “spread the word of the CHW and how they can be an asset to the community.”