Medication Bridge and Med Bank

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Medication Bridge

The NH Medication Bridge Program is a private - public partnership of many organizations under the leadership of the Foundation for Healthy Communities. The Foundation for Healthy Communities is a non-profit organization that exists to improve health and health care. The goal of the program is to help eligible uninsured and underinsured patients of all ages to receive needed prescription medications. For more information call (603) 225-0900.


Med Bank

The NH Med Bank is a charitable pharmacy that collects unused, unexpired, non-controlled medications from licensed healthcare facilities and dispenses them at no cost to NH residents who cannot afford their medications. The pharmacy operations are overseen by the Pharmacist-in-Charge, who is supported by a team of volunteer pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The NH Med Bank team dispenses medications by mail to qualifying patients. For more information call (603) 225-0900.