The New Hampshire Health Care Quality and Safety  Commission was established in August 2005 with the passage of HB-514 by the state legislature. It was reauthorized in 2010 (RSA 151-G), 2016 and made a permanent Commission in 2020. The intent of the Commission is to enable health care providers to share information about adverse outcomes and prevention strategies in learning environments which foster candor and self-critical analysis while maintaining the confidentiality of the information submitted to the commission, the proceedings of the commission, and the results of the commission’s deliberations.

The charge of the Commission is to review and analyze quality of care and patient safety issues in hospitals and freestanding ambulatory surgery centers. The membership includes a representative from each organization.

Lori Underwood , VP Ambulatory Services at New London Hospital in New London, chairs the Commission and Anne Diefendorf, Associate Executive Director with the Foundation for Healthy Communities, acts as administrator.

The members of the New Hampshire Health Care Quality and Safety Commission adopted the following principles in 2009 to promote high quality and safe care to all patients seeking services in our organizations:


  • Promote High Reliability Organizations
  • Adopt Evidence-Based Best Practices to Improve Outcomes
  • Establish a focus on patient experience within our Organizations

These principles are acted upon in a variety of ways including the statewide adoption of consensus-based patient safety initiatives, the commitment to accountability through data collection and reporting, the sharing of evidence-based best practices and the candid conversations related to adverse events and near misses.