Goals of the Project


The FORE project will address existing gaps in addiction treatment in New Hampshire for hospital inpatient populations, while engaging people living with or who are in recovery from a substance use disorder in identifying and testing solution strategies. The project will be implemented through the Experience Based Co-Design (EBCD) model, an approach that includes participation from all stakeholders, including patients, and will provide innovative methods and strategies to further access to lifesaving treatment for OUD patients. The FORE project will facilitate the adoption of evidence-based practices like inpatient screening for SUDs and initiation of medications for addiction treatment, and identify behavioral, social, and environmental interventions to support patient access to treatment and harm reduction. 

The FORE grant will help support New Hampshire hospitals in the development and implementation of strategies to care for patients with an Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in the acute care setting, and as evidence-based solutions to the crisis, are designed to adopted and sustained as best practices.