GSHCC Membership Meeting


The 2021 GSHCC General Membership Meeting was hosted virtually this year, and it provided nearly 100 partners from hospitals, long-term care, dialysis, public health, community health centers, home health care, mental and behavioral health, emergency medical services, emergency management, and state and federal government agencies with the opportunity to hear about both past and upcoming Coalition activities as well as continue the important discussions of healthcare readiness in New Hampshire.


The GSHCC General Membership Meeting provided an opportunity for members and partners to hear additional information on current GSHCC COVID-19 projects, contribute to the continuing efforts to evaluate COVID-19 response, engage in discussion about mental health resiliency, and consider the future impacts of long-term COVID-19 response.


Members and partners were also provided with the opportunity to learn more about topics of high interest to partners, such as cyber resiliency, a regional approach to disaster health response, and how to use a team-based approach to managing aggressive behaviors.


Download the 2021 GSHCC General Membership Meeting Executive Summary for more information on the content and information shared at this year's meeting.

Download the 2021 GSHCC Year in Review here for information and activities conducted throughout the last year.