Who does NHHAN help? 

The New Hampshire Health Access Network helps low-income residents of New Hampshire who have health insurance but need financial assistance to help cover out of pocket medical expenses such as deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance.

How can I find out if I am eligible?

You can download and complete the NHHAN application found on this website.  Be sure to include the documents listed on the cover letter.  Mail the completed application and required documents to the Financial Assistance Department at the hospital of your choice.  If you already have a primary care provider, mail the application to the Financial Assistance Department at the hospital that your primary care provider is affiliated with for processing.

Where can I use my NHHAN card?

Once approved, you will receive a NHHAN card from your hospital, or the hospital that processed your application, that can be used at any NHHAN Provider (for a list of NHHAN Sites, please click here.)  All of the participating providers offer some form of financial assistance, either through the NHHAN card or their own in house program. Contact the finanical assistance department at each site to apply.