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Awareness and Promotion of Health Equity

Key Points


In 2011, America’s Health Rankings rated NH the second healthiest state overall in the United States. But the question is: for whom? It is clear that the benefits of our healthy environment and our healthcare system are not equally distributed and that minorities and low-income individuals in NH face a range of challenges in seeking a healthy lifestyle.Newly arrived refugees and immigrants, as well as local residents of color, regularly experience discrimination and inequity in our communities. This directly impacts their health and ability to achieve well-being. The importance of raising awareness of issues unique to NH’s minority populations is increasing in urgency as our population becomes more diverse and as these disparities persist.

Awareness - Key Points

  • NH is considered the second healthiest state in the U.S. in 2011, but not all residents experience this healthy status.
  • Diversity in the NH population is increasing, but many health care providers and other organizations are unaware of the challenges minorities face when accessing their services.
  • Many public, nonprofit, and private sector organizations within and outside the health sector lack appropriate policies, systems, and processes, to address program and policy issues relating to diversity.
  • Promoting health equity and meeting the needs of NH’s racial, ethnic, and linguistic minorities will require funding; possible approaches include exploring new multisectoral approaches, redirecting budgets, and seeking new grants and funding streams.

Awareness - Recommendations

Education and Outreach

  • Educate and involve partners outside the health sector who impact where we live, learn, work and play in improving health and equity.
  • Develop materials and approaches to educate professionals, leaders and decision-makers about cultural competence, the social determinants of health, and health equity.
  • Encourage collaborations with new partners who influence community-level factors and systems that impact health.
  • Incorporate concepts of civic and social responsibility in health and equity discourse.


  • Identify and pursue funding opportunities to support the priorities of this plan.
  • Coordinate funding initiatives across sectors to focus efforts and avoid duplication, and to address health inequities and social determinants system-wide.
  • Encourage public, private and nonprofit organizations to prioritize and budget for health equity.
  • Examine current operations and budgets to seek ways to promote health equity within existing, routine activities.
  • When distributing funding throughout the state, require applicants to demonstrate their commitment to health and equity in their response to RFP

Infrastructure and Policy

  • Build and maintain a collaborative public-private partnership structure to implement the plan.
  • Influence and create public policy that supports health and equity. 

Current Awareness initiatives by NH H&EP Partners

Health & Equity Awareness and Promotion Committee

This committee of the Partnership collaborates on activities to increase knowledge and engagement by others in addressing health disparities and promoting equity.  Please contact Kelly Laflamme, Committee Chair, for more information.


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