Population Health Peer Group


  • Build population health awareness and knowledge among our peers, partners, organizations, and communities.
  • Provide a platform to facilitate dialogue and networking among our partners
  • Share expertise, tools, and methods used in population health work. 
  • Create a common understanding of population health and population health management to improve communication and enable us to work more effectively together.
  • Identify collective opportunities to work together to forward population Health work in NH including:
  • Identifying opportunities to work collaboratively and in alignment with both internal (e.g. community benefits, quality, patient and family engagement, community health, etc.) and external (e.g. public health, employers, housing, transportation, etc.) partners to improve population health including addressing the upstream factors that influence health outcomes.
  • Sharing and promoting strategies to manage risk and optimize ROI as we prepare for the transition to a value-based reimbursement model.
  • Evaluate opportunities to enhance the alignment of quality measures and performance targets across payers.
  • Promote the use of evidenced based and promising practices to advance total population health in NH.
  • Understand our roles as anchor institutions in our communities and explore how our health systems can intentionally apply our economic power and human capital to partner with our communities to mutually benefit both.  


Steering Committee

Betsy Rhynhart, Vice President, Population Health, Concord Hospital


Darren Guy, Medical Director, Population Health, Exeter Health Resources


Shawn LaFrance, Vice President, Population Health, Cheshire Medical Center 


Sally Kraft, MD, Vice President, Population Health, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


Role of the Foundation for Healthy Communities

  • Facilitator and coordinator of peer group
  • Provide a platform for sharing tools, resources, best practices, etc.
  • Promote successes and best practices within the group
  • Identify and facilitate connections with community and statewide partners
  • Research new approaches, resources, etc.