Population Health Resources

American Hospital Association

Institute for Diversity and Health Equity (Affiliate of the American Hospital Association): http://www.diversityconnection.org/

Pathways to Population Health: http://www.pathways2pophealth.org/

Institute for Healthcare Improvement: http://www.ihi.org/

Pathways to Population Health:  Getting Started Guide - Accelerating Population Health Progress

Case Study:  Foundation for Healthy Communities

Resources and Tools

  • Hospital Based Strategies for Creating a Culture of Health
  • Improving Community Health by Strengthening Community Investments: Roles for Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Making Food Systems Part of your Community Health Needs Assessment
  • The Future of Health is Local: A Field Guide for Health Sector Leadership
  • 2017 County Health Rankings
  • Leveraging Multi-Sector Investments: New Opportunities to Improve the Health and Vitality of Communities
  • Creating Effective Hospital - Community Partnerships to Build a Culture of Health 

Democracy Collaborative

  • Can Hospitals Heal America's Communities?
  • A New Anchor Mission for a New Century
  • Advancing the Anchor Mission of Healthcare
  • www.hospitaltoolkits.org - Toolkits to help hospitals and health systems build community wealth through inclusive hiring, investment, and purchasing.


Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI)