Joining Walk NH is easy and fun to do!

 You can choose one of four ways to participate:

  • As an individual – walk 190 miles (equivalent to the length of  NH)
  • As an individual – walk 70 miles (equivalent to the width of NH)
  • As a team of 2-6 adults and/or children – walk 190 miles.  Each person must walk at least 30 miles. 

Teams can include parents, guardians or mentors. Each member of any team must walk at least 30 miles to contribute to the team’s total. Team members can combine miles from individual and group walks.

Once you’ve decided how far to walk, start counting your miles on the Walk NH log.

  • Record the date, location and distance of the walks you complete, adding up the total miles in the last column as you go along.  
  • On the other side of the log, color in the lines on the NH map for every five miles you complete.
  • Teams can keep track of their miles on the poster version of the map.  Print one from this web site or call 603-225-0900 to request one for your team.

To help you measure, it takes about 30 minutes for a 9-year-old to walk a mile.  Younger kids might take a little longer, and older kids might finish a mile faster than that.  Another way for kids to tell how far they’re walking is to choose a few different routes – to a friend’s house, to school, or around the block – and ask an adult to measure the distance in the car. Don’t forget to double it if you walk back home the same way!

We’re sure you’ll come up with many of your own ideas for where to take a walk, but check out our places to walk section for suggestions of good walking routes and hiking trails around the state.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly those miles add up! If you fill up all the lines on the log, print out another one from this web site.

When you reach your goal, send us your mileage total, and you'll receive a certificate signed by the Governor, along with an "I Walked NH!" patch.

Thanks for joining Walk NH, have fun, and good luck!