Innovation Challenge Kicks Off – Top Prize Up to $100,000: HealthForce NH Competition Seeks Novel Solutions to the Health Care Workforce Shortage

March 4, 2024


The HealthForce NH team at the Foundation for Healthy Communities today announced the launch of its Innovation Challenge, designed to promote and support innovative ventures in the health care workforce space in New Hampshire (NH).


The online application for this multi-stage, competition-style event series can be found at Applications are due by Thursday, April 4th at 8 p.m. Proposals may be focused on talent pipeline and recruitment, pathways, education and training, equity, public policy, data, technology, leadership, sustainability and retention, or something else that helps to bolster the health care workforce in the Granite State. Monetary awards will be up to $100,000 for first place, up to $60,000 for second place and up to $40,000 for third place.


“Health care workforce needs are critical in New Hampshire and require new and innovative thinking to address recruitment, retention and sustainability,” said HealthForce NH’s Senior Director, Kate Luczko. “The Innovation Challenge is an exciting way to evaluate and provide financial support for proposals and ideas, but also to publicly increase awareness and create inspiration through hearing about others’ work, building community, and networking with industry leaders.”


The competition is open to individuals, established organizations, or new organizations within any industry. All proposals need to reflect original thinking or original adaptations and applications of existing programs, changed to be unique. “We are seeking out partners – from health care, education, business, and a dynamic cross-sector of industries – to invest in them as they create unique new ways to help solve the workforce challenges facing the health care industry in New Hampshire,” said Luczko.


Health care is the fastest growing employment sector, projected to add almost 10,000 jobs to the economy by 2030; however, NH’s health care workforce is not poised to grow enough to fill these jobs. “HealthForce NH recognizes the effort to grow, retain and sustain a robust health care workforce is going to require thinking outside-the-box,” said Luczko. “Creative, high-impact strategies are needed to address the workforce shortage, and the Innovation Challenge is just part of an overall effort by HealthForce NH to launch bold, innovative projects to address the issue. We’re excited about the possibilities and the great new partners we will bring to the table with the Innovation Challenge.”


About the Foundation for Healthy Communities and HealthForce NH


The Foundation for Healthy Communities (FHC) is a non-profit organization that builds healthier communities for all by leading partnerships, fostering collaboration, and creating innovative solutions to advance health and health care.


HealthForce NH, an initiative of FHC, takes a broad, systemic approach to helping NH grow, retain, and sustain a skilled health care workforce, leveraging their cross-sector position and offering leadership to the field while convening partners to cultivate resources, amplify existing efforts, and monitor the health care landscape. HealthForce does this work with a shared goal of creating an environment where current and future members of the health care workforce can flourish.


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