Population Health

The Total Population Health Initiative aims to improve the health and well-being of NH residents by fostering connections between healthcare, public health, and community-based partners while advancing health equity.

Our Vision:

Population Health is both a goal and a strategy to foster healthy, equitable populations through linking clinical and community-based approaches supported by delivery system innovations and investments.

  • Population health encompasses population health management and community health improvement.
  • Population health seeks to understand and impact both the clinical and non-clinical determinants of health (i.e., social drivers of health, individual behavior, physical environment, and policymaking).
  • Populations can be defined in many ways: demographics, health needs, primary/specialty care attribution, insurance membership, service utilization, community/neighborhood, etc.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to foster collaboration, build partnerships, and identify opportunities to leverage skills, resources and expertise to create systems and environments that support and contribute to the health and well-being of all NH residents.

We believe that what we can accomplish together is much more than what we can accomplish alone.

Our Goals:

  • Build place-based population health awareness and knowledge.
  • Create bridges between healthcare, public health, and community-based partnerships.
  • Provide a platform to facilitate dialogue and networking among our partners to share expertise, identify collective opportunities and catalyze NH based total population health initiatives.
  • Promote the use of evidenced based and promising practices to advance total population health.
  • Identify and coordinate opportunities to access, share and utilize data.

Our four project areas include:

In our Population Health portfolio, we are working to make an impact with four separate, yet very much aligned, projects. We consistently work to weave these together and view them as part of one collective population health approach.

  • Aligning Investments to Improve Population Health (AIIPH)
  • Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program- Population Health (SHIP PH) Project
  • Population Health Peer Group (PHPG)
  • Community Benefit Peer Group (CBPG)

For more information, please contact: Beth Gustafson Wheeler at (603) 415-4278