Population Health Peer Group & Learning Community

Our Framework:

The center of the circle describes the peer group, which focusing on peer learning, sharing of tools, resources and best practices.

The outside circle describes the collective efforts that support and reinforce hospital population health efforts while also making an impact on population and community health in NH. The three components of our collective work includes:

  • Improvement Initiative: What is one area of population health hospitals can move the needle on to improve population health?
  • Advocacy: Where can hospitals come together to advocate for policy, system and environmental changes that positively impact the health of the populations that we serve?
  • Population Health Networks: Forging partnerships and building networks to learn from one another and identify solutions. What are the assets we all bring to the table and how can we use our collective power to make change happen?


Each of these components mutually reinforce one another, leveraging the opportunities each of these present for moving us forward.


PHPG Steering Committee

  • Betsy Rhynhart, Vice President, Population Health, Concord Hospital
  • Darren Guy, Medical Director, Population Health, Exeter Health Resources
  • Sally Kraft, MD, Vice President, Population Health, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


For more information, please contact Beth Gustafson Wheeler at (603) 415-4278.