NH Hospitals Provide Over $446M in Community Benefits

New Hampshire hospitals provided more than $446 million in community benefits, according to the 2019 Community Benefit Report: An Overview of Hospital Activities recently released by the Foundation for Healthy Communities.
Hospital community benefits programs are designed to provide increased access to care and address population health inequalities for vulnerable patients. This includes financial assistance provided, unreimbursed costs of patient care, free or low-cost immunizations, charitable contributions, family support services, health education and community building activities.  Community benefits include:
  • Health services for vulnerable or underserved people
  • Financial or in-kind support of public health programs, such as management of chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes
  • Donations of funds, property, or other resources that contribute to a community priority, such as obesity, substance abuse, or health care services for the homeless
  • Health care cost containment activities, like free health education programs that can help people manage their conditions without the need for more costly services
  • Health screening and prevention services
The statewide community benefits report is published annually by the Foundation and its affiliated organization, the New Hampshire Hospital Association, to demonstrate the impact of New Hampshire hospitals and health systems beyond the traditional hospital care setting. The 2019 report represents data collected fiscal year 2017 data from 24 non-profit New Hampshire hospitals as they reported to the IRS to quantify hospital contributions, such as unreimbursed costs, uncompensated care and other free, discounted and unique programs that are critical to the health of New Hampshire communities.
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