PFE & Patient Experience Workshops

This session provides information on the specific steps for developing, implementing and sustaining a PFAC, and methods for including PFE strategies throughout an organization to improve care.

This session focuses on how to tell an effective story and how to coach others to do the same.

This session explores the specific PFE strategy of rounding and how it can be used to reduce hospital acquired conditions (HAC) and improve patient experience and patient safety.

This session shares best practices for conducting a root cause analysis and ways to prepare PFAs and hospital staff to work together on RCA committees.

This session discusses best practices and acceptable approaches to the 5 metrics to help hospitals meet the PFE expectations as outlined in the Partnership for Patients initiative.

This session explores specific Quality Improvement strategies and how engaged patients and families can assist in the reduction of hospital acquired conditions (HAC) and the improvement of patient experience and patient safety.

This session offers innovative and creative ways to optimize the presence of the treatment team in the patient room.

This session explores how to engage patients and their families beyond the disclosure and apology following an adverse event.

This session provides concrete and effective methods to teach Patient Family Advisors the fundamentals of Improvement Science, System Theory and Human Factors in Adverse Events, to better be able to partner in quality improvement initiatives.

This session focuses on partnering with all stakeholders during the evaluation and re-design of a process.

This session provides details of an orientation process that you can customize to your organization for all Patient Family Advisors or for Train the Trainer sessions.

This session focuses on the skills needed to develop, implement, and sustain a PFE program, including working with Patient Family Advisors, preparing staff, engagement theory and PFAC facilitation skills.

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