Safe Places to Walk

Places to Walk

Exercising a little every day will help your body grow strong and keep you healthy when you get older. Walking is an easy way to exercise because we do it all the time. We walk up and down stairs, from the car to the store, from home to the school bus stop, and many other short distances every day.

Some other ways to earn Walk NH miles:


  • Hike or take a nature walk on the dozens of trails available in our state.  Check out our list of state and local trails and maps. You can even snowshoe in the winter!
  • Register to participate in a walk-a-thon. Groups like the American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, and many other national and local organizations hold fundraising walks every year. You can earn several miles in one day while raising money for a good cause!
  • Find ways to exercise indoors in gloomy weather. Many shopping malls welcome the public to walk inside. At the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, you can walk from any main entrance, around the loop of stores and back to your starting place. That’s one mile! Also, your school might have marked how many times around the gym it takes to walk a mile.