Unhealthy Alcohol Use Awareness Project

The goal to expand medical, mental health and substance use provider awareness of the importance of addressing unhealthy alcohol use, will be accomplished by the Foundation working with more than 50,000 providers across the state to support their efforts in:

  • Identifying patients’ unhealthy alcohol use
  • Advising patients on healthier behaviors regarding alcohol use
  • Treating patients with alcohol use issues or referring them to specialty AUD treatment when it is indicated
  • Following up with patients to provide support for recovery 


Alcohol consumption has been steadily rising over the last decade, particularly among women, older adults, members of racial and ethnic minority groups, and those of lower socioeconomic status. In addition, alcohol use appears to be increasing further during the COVID-19 pandemic with increased alcohol sales in New Hampshire and observations of increasing alcohol associated harm.


Together, we can work to reduce unhealthy alcohol use among New Hampshire residents and create a healthier tomorrow.



Assessment Tools to Identify Unhealthy Alcohol Use and Use Disorders


Addressing the Spectrum of Harmful Alcohol Use


Information on Alcohol Effects on Health