ACROSS NH Workshop Series

Sites learn about the HEPA Standards during workshop #1

These leaders are taught the skills necessary to assess their current program and create a strong individualized action plan for the year. The buzz words we push are “policy, systems and environmental change” which translates to embedding healthy policies and procedures within the programs. This focus enables programs to create the healthy environments necessary to support healthy choices in children.

Accomplishments over previous years have included creating policies that mandate 30 minutes of active playtime daily, creating a nutrition policy that requires fresh fruit and vegetables for snack, new job descriptions that include leading regular active playtime, and staff policies that prohibit soda while at work.

Throughout the year, we work with each program to make small steps toward these bigger goals.

As part of the series, participants receive onsite training for their entire staff on using the CKC evidence-based physical activity and nutrition curriculum. Participants also create a sustainability plan for the upcoming year to maintain momentum and effectiveness.

Two participants from each program must commit to the series to ensure presence from your site at each workshop. We encourage all staff to attend.

About the Series

The workshop series meets for 5 workshops. You may participate in Workshop #1 without making a commitment to the entire series. Contact ACROSS NH with any questions.


Workshop 1: (November)

Site Self-Assessment and Action Planning


Learn how to assess your site’s healthy eating and physical activity (HEPA) environment with the A+ Assessment Tool. Begin to formulate an action plan for the upcoming year. Bring your site’s activity calendar and snack calendar to use when completing the assessment.

Workshop 2: (December)

Action Plan in Place


Re-group with the same cohort of sites to share action plans and discuss goals for the year. Receive feedback from other sites and brainstorm measures for success.


Workshop 3: (January – February)


CATCH Kids Club All-Staff Onsite Training

Certified CATCH Kids Club Trainers will come onsite to train your staff how to teach the CATCH Kids Club games. CATCH Kids Club (CKC) Training orients participants to the CKC Program, blending a variety of interactive techniques that both teach and demonstrate strategies for effective implementation.

Participants utilize CKC materials, actively participate in activities, and subsequently use this framework to strategically plan how their programs can better guide youth in the process of being physically active for a lifetime.

Workshop 4: (March)

Learn how to conduct a CATCH Kids Club Site Assessment


Learn to assess how well your staff is doing and provide constructive feedback. Receive additional training on the 5-2-1-0 Afterschool Program. All sites receive technical assistance as needed.


Workshop 5: (April or May)

Creating a Sustainability Plan 


Celebrate success, present favorite games, and collaborate with with the same cohort of sites to create a future plan of sustainability for healthy eating and physical activity at your site.